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'Aviators' - Follow the paths of Polish aces in an exciting educational adventure.






'Aviators' is a short educational adventure game that transports players into the realities of WWII, allowing them to embody Polish airmen; it offers a unique combination of shooting, exploration, and logical challenges, all designed to convey historical values and honor heroism.

Discover the History of Polish Air Forces During World War II

Step into the shoes of a Polish aviation ace from World War II and engage in aerial combat with the Luftwaffe! Learn about the history of the legendary Polish 1586 Special Purpose Squadron. Rush to aid the Warsaw Uprising participants, taking part in the reenactment of the flight on the night of August 16th to 17th, 1944.

“Aviators” is an educational adventure game in first-person mode, including dexterity elements and logic puzzles. The storyline is based on real events and characters of Polish pilots serving in the air during World War II. Familiarize yourself with the journal module, containing a compendium of historical knowledge referred to in “Aviators”.

The game for Windows PC is available in Polish, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Ukrainian, Russian, Uzbek, and in Polish and American Sign Language.

Discover the Legends of Polish Aviation, Participate in Aerial Combat

The game is divided into 6 missions, featuring real characters from World War II, including: Jan Zumbach, Stanisław Skalski, Anna Leska, Jadwiga Piłsudska, Leszek Owsiany, Włodzimierz Bernhardt.

Discover their fates and participate in their incredible missions. Repel the attack of the German air force, operate devices on board the Halifax MK, establish communication with the Home Army, and support the Warsaw Uprising! Break through the German fortifications in the A2 area, destroy the 88 mm gun positions and end the mission with a car escape.

Experience the Magic of the Game’s Soundtrack “Suite from the Aviators” is a sophisticated cycle of compositions inspired by the genius of Karol Szymanowski and Mieczysław Karłowicz, composed by Przemysław Treszczotka. The whole project is an immersive endeavor that will interest not only aviation enthusiasts!

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