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Escape from the Castle

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Baranow Sandomierski Castle


A fully immersive VR gameplay experience for Oculus Quest

You’re in the dungeons of a Polish castle in the mid-17th century. And you desperately need to get out but nobody seems to know the way to the exit. The next 20 minutes will be some of the most exciting and satisfying 20 minutes of your life.

The Escape from the Castle is a VR gameplay created for the Baranow Sandomierski Castle Museum in the South of Poland. You can think of it as a virtual escape room combined with a dungeon crawler. And it’s equally thrilling.

The game tells a story happening during the Polish-Swedish war, turning history learning into a breathtaking adventure. And its visual side is equally compelling, comparable to the work of the world’s biggest production studios.

It’s a combination of the latest tech and history, fun, and education in cinematic quality. By working with Chronospace – experts in visualization, 3D animation, postproduction, and VR/AR/MR solutions – we created an extraordinary image of the castle’s underground nooks and crannies, knights, and unsolved mysteries. It’s an unforgettable journey full of positive emotions and surprising plot twists.

Aleksandra Bogucka

Baranow Sandomierski Castle

The game was designed for Oculus Quest and you can play it when visiting the Castle, trying to find the exit from an old, unused dungeon. It has no age limits – absolutely anyone will get hooked!

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