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My wood pool

Garden space design meets virtual reality






Meet the world’s first mixed reality pool design app.

Ever wished you could just show your client what their interior or backyard will look like with your product inside beyond static, often inaccurate? That’s what we helped the largest manufacturer of wooden pools in Europe do. Their customers can now check how any pool model fits in their actual backyard (or any other place) with 100% accuracy.

The app lets customers measure their gardens with an automatically generated projection they can then use to check the fit of the pool.

They’ll be able to actually see what the pool looks like in custom surroundings, and also customize the color, type of finish, and other parameters. Until they’re perfectly happy with the result.

The application works on all modern devices based on iOS and Android. For our client, we have also created a module to manage the product offer and distribution.

Need a mixed reality app to showcase your products? Let’s talk!