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See how much VR simulators can save you

Use this ROI calculator to see how much you can save by providing onboarding and training for your employees using virtual reality – compared to traditional methods.

About your company

Those who need onboarding/training

For those who need onboarding/training


Your investment

An estimate for the VR training module

This is usually 10-25% of the content development

For standalone (1500$) or computer-powered device (3500$)

Time and effort of your in-house team needed


Saving on travel

This is how many trips are reduced per year due to VR

This is how much one trip for one employee costs

How many work hours are wasted due to one trip

Estimated travel savings



How many hours does it take?

How many times a year is the training taken?

Saving on training

How much quicker (%) VR training is to complete vs. standard training

How much $ you can save due to the shorter training time



Cost of materials needed for training per year

Eliminated cost of needed materials per year



How much on average can an incident cost?

How many hours are lost due to a single incident?

What is the average number of incidents per year?

Costs saved by eliminating incidents


Here’s how much you can save by implementing VR training

1. One-off cost $ 00000,-
2. Annual cost $ 00000,-
3. Annual travel cost $ 00000,-
4. Cost of unproductive hours while traveling $ 00000,-
5. Time saved compared to traditional training $ 00000,-
6. Cost of equipment and materials saved $ 00000,-
7. Incident savings $ 00000,-
8. Average one-off cost financing $ 00000,-
9. Annual savings $ 00000,-
10. Time of return on investment $ 00000,-
11. Savings within 5 and 10 years $ 00000,-
Savings chart

Let’s talk about how much we can help you save by implementing VR training for your business.