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Temple of Sybil

This is amazing.




The Czartoryski Museum in Puławy


The world's first VR installation recreating historical objects in a museum interior

Go back in time to early 19th century Poland to see the long-lost royal casket and other treasures left by Polish kings, hetmans, and famous Poles like Copernicus himself. All you need to do is put your goggles on.

For the Czartoryski Museum, we created a virtual reality installation you can use to see historical objects while visiting the Museum. Working with the museum’s researchers, we reconstructed the 19th century interior of the Sybil Temple, including the precious royal casket that was stolen during the Second World War and has never been recovered.

We placed the reconstructed objects in a digital model of the temple building and built an application to recreate the interior in virtual reality. Because it was technically impossible to install a computer inside the temple, we created a standalone version of the app for the goggles.

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