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VR simulators

Train and onboard your staff with a 100% accurate, immersive VR experience






VR simulators for onboarding and training

Training construction workers using your advanced equipment without actually transporting them across the world to do it on-site? Letting firefighters train without actual fire? We can help do that and more by creating turnkey, customized VR simulators that make onboarding and training much easier and more cost-effective – cutting as much as 60% of the cost of physical training. 

By combining VR with physical equipment, we can recreate the working environment of any machine or vehicle. Our VR simulators include: 

  • Motion platforms that accurately reproduce the movement of the object simulation 
  • Controllers, joysticks, and control panels 
  • Sensors to track user’s hand movements 
  • Other electronic components, including custom-made 

This way, besides the massive cost savings, you can: 

  • Train reactions in emergency scenarios, like machine failure – difficult or dangerous to recreate in real life 
  • Collect and analyze performance data  
  • Increase engagement and focus on performed tasks due to total immersion and isolation from outside stimulii 
  • Provide training that includes multi-sensory effects, making it more memorable and effective 
  • Allow participants to create motoring habits by engaging muscle memory

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